Alert and calm in a volatile world.



Increase in creative
problem solving when in Flow.

- University of Sydney


Faster skill acquisition when in Flow.

- Advanced Brain
Monitoring & DARPA

3 Days

of heightened creativity
after experiencing a Flow state.

- Harvard


Increase in executives productivity when in Flow.

- McKinsey & Co.

We help humans and organizations unleash their true potential.

Increased profitability. Higher employee retention. More efficient communication. Solutions to today’s wicked problems.


Job stress costs the U.S. industry more than $300 billion a year in absenteeism, turnover, diminished productivity, and medical, legal and insurance costs.

-The American Institute of Stress

“A crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”

—Leonard Cohen


The Art & Science

Research shows that we perform best when our mind is clear, calm and focused. However, this has become increasingly more difficult in a world that is full of distractions. Whether you are a teenager or adult, most of us are living in a state of being tired, wired and chronically stressed.

In addition, a 2010 Harvard study discovered that the mind is in a wandering state nearly 50% of the time which begs the question, where are we the other half of the time?

All too often people live on autopilot, unaware that this mental chatter is dictating how they see the world around them.

At Sidestreet, we recognize tremendous potential in today’s volatile world. Our program is designed specifically to deal with the modern day challenges that exist world wide. Drawing on leading-edge science we train grit, resilience, creativity, emotional intelligence, empathy, self-compassion and the source code of intrinsic motivation - Flow states.

01 Let’s Talk

Speak Your Story. Define Pressure. Articulate Dreams. View Habits.

Commit To Action

02 Centered + Energized

Explore Movement. Observe Thoughts. Control Breath. Calm Nervous System. Practice Mindfulness.

Train Your Brain


03 Create Ideal Mindset

Describe Greatness. Clarify Values. Set High Hard Goals. Manage Focus. Embody Growth Mindset.

Chart Your Path

05 Cultivate FLOW

Understand Flow Cycle. Personalize Flow Triggers. Prioritize Deep Recovery. Hone High Flow Personality.

Ride The Wave

04 Motivation + Grit

Perfect Challenge / Skills Ratio. Build Kick Ass Habits. Embrace Struggle. Stoke Personal Power.

Shift Your Perspective

06 Master Your Craft

Putting It All Together. Regulate Energy. Live Centered. Sync Body & Mind. Integrate and Adapt. .

Integrate Performance

Push beyond your boundaries.

When we are pushed beyond our boundaries, boundaries of biases—boundaries of assumptions, boundaries of possibility, boundaries of comfort, and boundaries of programming—it allows us to make peace with ambiguity - even lean into it - and to unpack a deeper sense of self and generate lasting confidence. When we do these things, we consistently perform beyond our wildest dreams.


high performance coach, flow educator & Corporate trainer

Damon Valentino

My name is Damon Valentino. I am a High Performance Coach, Flow Educator & Corporate Trainer and the Director of Side Street Performance Coaching. I hold a master’s degree in sport psychology and I am a Certified Flow Coach, trained by the world’s leader, The Flow Genome Project.

Side Street is a global coaching company dedicated to providing customized professional coaching and training services to individuals, teams and corporations. Our foundation is based on well researched science from the fields of positive psychology, organizational development, neuroscience and mindfulness.

Our approach is to listen first. Where are you stuck? What don’t you see? Where do you want to go? How do you want it to look and feel? In short, we identify blindspots, sharpen intention and devise an action plan. We also layer in a wellness plan for the health of individuals and organizations, because without healthy, resilient systems, there can be no peak performance. Mindfulness, sleep science, nervous system regulation are a few examples that we cover.

Side Street has recently completed a robust study on the efficacy of using emotional regulation with breath and vision practice as a way to stay centered in the midst of day to day chaos. Not everyone can carve out time for yoga and meditation, so our research focused on real time tools that can be practiced anywhere. Participants included CEO’s, CTO’s, VC's, Medical DO’s, college athletes, and retirees.

Our focus is on clients getting results, so we pride ourselves on being creative and adapting our training to fit each unique situation. Sound interesting? Get in touch with us today. Onward!


"In today’s volatile world, real change happens in the margins."

—Damon Valentino


 What’s on in 2019

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A self-leadership program for humans of tomorrow hosted by morrow - the museum for human potential.

In an exponential world, we need exponential mindsets. Exponential mindsets feed off volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. And wisely master their nervous systems for optimal wellbeing and peak performance.


This training is a curation of the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology and leadership.

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