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Speak Your Story. Define Pressure. Articulate Dreams. View Habits.

Commit To Action


Centered + Energized

Explore Movement. Observe Thoughts. Control Breath. Calm Nervous System.

Train Your Brain

“We don’t know who we are until we hear ourselves speaking the story of our lives to someone we trust.”

- Bill George, Harvard Business School

“Learning how to regulate your autonomic nervous system in real time is the best thing to learn as a human”

- Dr. Andrew Huberman, PhD

Stanford Medical School

Side Street’s core philosophy is embedded in our Breath-See-Move Foundational Program, which is designed to help you become self-aware, teach you the physical and mental skills to calm your mind, focus attention and channel energy, all of which are required for you to perform your best. As with physical training, the more dedicated you are to this program, the more benefit you will see. With consistent practice and intention, you can change unwanted habits and rewire your brain to become your ideal self. You will learn to use breathing techniques and specific movement patterns to calm your nervous system and energize your body. You will uncover the values that truly matter to you. You will learn to set goals that are just out of reach so that they remain dynamic and keep you motivated and confident. You will build new habits and learn how to access your ideal mindset. You will begin to normalize difficult internal experiences and become more accepting of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. 

Research shows that we perform best when our mind is clear, calm and focused. However, this has become increasingly more difficult in a world that is full of distractions. Whether you are a teenager or adult, most of us are living in a state of being tired, wired and chronically stressed. In addition, a 2010 Harvard study discovered that the mind is in a wandering state nearly 50% of the time which begs the question, where are we the other half of the time? All too often people live on autopilot, unaware that this mental chatter is dictating how they see the world around them.


Create Ideal Mindset

Describe Greatness. Design Performance Profile. Develop Routines. Clarify Values. Specify Goals.

Chart Your Path


Become Growth Responders

Accept The Uncomfortable. Visualize Performance. Manage Attention. Create Space.

Shift Your Perspective

It’s a powerful state because most of the time we don’t even realize it’s happening. We are influenced by the random - often negative - thought patterns in our mind and have little control over them. We unknowingly hand our power and clarity over to our wandering thoughts, and our emotional state and decision making become compromised. If we do become aware of our thoughts and sensations, we tend to try and either suppress or manipulate them, which only gives them more power.

By the way, this is just what’s happening in our own mind. When we include the voices and expectations of parents, coaches, bosses, and teammates, to name a few, the ability to perform at a high level can feel almost impossible to produce. Sound familiar? As difficult as it may seem, there is a way to break this destructive pattern and learn to thrive under pressure, focus on what is important in each moment and develop the habits to possess a championship mindset. 



Go With The FLOW!

Play Loose. Take Risks. Drop Critic. Stay Present. Embrace Success.

Ride The Wave


Master Your Craft

Putting It All Together. Regulate Energy. Perform Centered. Sync Body <-> Mind.

Integrate Performance

World class performers in all fields still feel nerves, stress and anxiety, and even for them, rarely do things go according to plan. However, these elite performers have learned to use the valuable physical and mental skills, that you will learn here, to become mentally tough and thrive in even the most difficult situations. With practice, you too can improve these skills and promote your brain to consolidate new habits. By doing so, you can change your relationship to pressure, competition, fear of failure and success. If you want to take ownership of your journey, If you’re ready to chart your own path, let’s get started today!