My name is Damon Valentino and I'm a High Performance Coach and Director of Side Street Performance Coaching. Throughout my life, I have been fascinated with the intersection of human behavior and performance. My experience as a former competitive athlete, teacher, and coach have shaped my perspective on the psychology of performance. I leveled up my experience by earning a master's degree in Sport Psychology from John F Kennedy University, which is one of the premier programs in the world. Having a working knowledge of evidence - based practices is critical to being an effective performance coach, and cutting-edge research continues to evolve my practice, but I believe that to really have an impact, you have to care deeply about helping people learn how to walk their own unique path. I am committed to providing my expertise and guidance each step of the way. I know each person can learn to develop their self-awareness and build the mental skills to respond to all that comes their way. We are all performing all the time and we don't want to just survive - we want to thrive. Let me help you to develop a deeper sense of purpose, a clear set of priorities and the tools to keeping these powerful motivators in focus. I can't wait to hear your story so let's get started today!