My name is Damon Valentino. I am a High Performance Coach and Director of Side Street Performance Coaching. I hold a master’s degree in Sport Psychology and I am a Certified Flow Coach, trained by the world’s leader, The Flow Genome Project.

Side Street is a global coaching company dedicated to providing customized professional coaching and training services to individuals and corporations. Our foundation is based on well researched science from the fields of positive psychology, organizational development, and neurobiology/neurophysiology of peak performance. I work with individuals and organizations to identify where they are stuck, develop a working model to overcome the challenges they face, and provide real time feedback to promote robust engagement and productive accountability. Cutting edge research continues to evolve my practice. Evidence based practices are the science while the art is in forming connections to help people and organizations learn how to walk their own unique path and cultivate the type of mindset that is focused and resilient enough to withstand the volatile and uncertain climate that has come to define elite sports and business. My client list includes elite athletes and teams, entrepreneurs, corporations, and thought leaders. I am committed to listening to the needs my clients express, developing a deep understanding of where they are headed, and working with them to achieve their full potential.