our approach

Want to thrive in a global, exponential, ever changing world?

Our offerings are bespoke and include:

  • 1: 1 Coaching

  • Organizational programs

  • Workshops

  • Masterclasses

  • Keynotes


We seek clarity

We help to clear away the noise and clutter, the smoke and unconscious urges that may be beyond our clients’ awareness - once clear and locked in on true intention, the challenges look less daunting, and at the very least, the way forward seems more clear.

We step into your shoes

We empathize with our clients, because we are not above them. We engage in a blending process where we met them right where they are; physically, psychologically, developmentally, intellectually, without judgement.

We find and push you to find your edges

Human nature is to avoid danger, which is a helluva trait that has helped us survive and evolve. However, much of what we avoid nowadays has little to do with survival or evolution. We have become conditioned to look for comfort. And yet, this same conditioning is at the root of today’s modern afflictions. We help you break out of the comfy cocoon and seek your edges. By doing so, we break up old patterns that are not helping, we clarify what it is we care about, and we habituate the reflex of leaning in as opposed to flinching back. If we can do this, authentic growth will occur. And from there, new realities are possible. 

We take the Side Street

Life lived on someone else’s path, playing by a set of rules that you didn’t create, stuck in a box of reality that doesn’t match your own deeper sense of what it is to be alive is no way to live. It leads to a sense of loss. A loss of your own intuition, values, purpose, which in turn, can lead to anxiety, despair and depression. 

We build resilience

We give you the courage to step off the well worn path. Confront your fear of the unknown. Mend destructive patterns. Stay centered. Regulate nervous system. And become comfortable pushing the boundaries.

We recalibrate your sense of self

We help you recalibrate your own sense of self. One that ripples out to everything you do and think, with authenticity and intention.

Navigate from deeper intention

Picture yourself near the end of your life. Your mind is playing the movie of your experiences. What do you see? Are the corners of your mouth slightly lifted as you see all the adventures, honesty, courage, and failures? Can you truly say that your life represented the spirit of who you truly are? Or, are you lying in a sea of regret; not trying, not loving, not cracking yourself open to the true you. 

Now think of who you are today.

And instead of playing the same infomercial in your mind try something different. Listen. Listen to the feelings in your body. Listen to the crackles of intuition in your gut. And ask yourself, knowing that one day you will no longer be alive, “while I’m here, what do I need to do? What do I need to see? What do I need to experience?”

We embrace experiences

The best movies are unpredictable. The characters are not easily pigeon holed into typical personality types. The odds of success can seem astronomical. But the characters find something within to press on. The arc of the story takes a turn when all hope seemed lost. And the stories afterwards are not about the safe, mundane days, but rather, the ones full of failure, adventure, courage, and rich experience or awe. We help you to cut through the mundane and come to a deeper understanding about your day to day actions. These experiences are not just a means to an end, or a series of random acts that are predestined. Quite the contrary.

Experiences are the building blocks to living a more fulfilled life. They are also the bulldozers that help you dig into your depth. When we reframe the value of experience and connect the spirit of these acts, as opposed to keeping score of wins and losses, we open up to the power of the here and now. We also learn how to self select which experiences we want to tote around with us, and which can gently be let go. We are not at the mercy of the previous storyline. We are the authors. What do you want to write today?


“The great thing then in all education is to make our nervous system our ally instead of our enemy.”

—William James