Our Vision

Clarity in the eye of the storm. Habits that match values. Actions that match intentions.


We create the conditions for people and organizations to take inventory; of themselves, of their systems, of their preconceived beliefs, of programming that may or may not be available to them on a conscious level.

We empathize with our clients, because we are human too. We engage in a blending process where we met them right where they are; physically, psychologically, developmentally, intellectually, without judgement.

We hear them. We feel them. We do our best to step into their shoes. And from there, we assess how the world looks and feels, always mindful to maintain our own humility, curiosity, humanity, and aware of the skills and knowledge that we possess.

From this place, we feel that it is possible to entertain some alternatives to what has been and continues to occur for our clients.

We also begin with some of the evidence-backed scientific foundations that are shown to help individuals and organizations become more grounded and regulated. More self aware and courageous. These help us to cultivate the necessary conditions for seeing the same problems through a different lens. 

Throughout the process we celebrate small wins, and we continue to layer in more perspective. We encourage the next tangible steps. We continue to build the new habits that become touch stones and markers so that we don’t get lost. And we suggest alternative ways of measuring success, all the while staying committed to the original intentions our clients described at the onset.

New reality can produce new priorities. We are open to using the building blocks of the work we do together as the center of gravity that we consider home base.

We promote agility through the 5 A’s: attention, awareness, acceptance, assessment and action.

We use these in a cyclical way, placing the challenges we face smack dab in the middle and going around the circle. This ensures that we map our challenge with a 360 degree perspective, and from here, the appropriate actions tend to arise. 

To be clear, we do not solve challenges. We help to clear away the noise and clutter, the smoke and unconscious urges that may be beyond our clients’ awareness - once clear and locked in on true intention, the challenges look less daunting, and at the very least, the way forward seems more clear.

We are Side Street. A new way of traveling. A new path to forge. This metaphor exists within the external world, as well as how we make sense of the world from within.

Damon Valentino

high performance coach,
flow educator & Corporate trainer


“When you’re going through hell, keep going.” —Buckminster Fuller