Breathe Package - 4 Sessions

Breathe Package - 4 Sessions


Breath Package - Real progress is made in the margins. During these four sessions, we look for pockets of your daily routine, transition time that can be better utilized. In that space, we can download habits that can be used on the fly. Small practices done consistently lead to big changes that level up your game - and your life.  Calm Nervous System. Breath and Attention Training. Reflect, Reframe and Normalize. Own The Process.    

4 - 1 hour sessions.

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All sessions with Damon will be conducted via Skype or FaceTime.*

All of our packages include unlimited text messaging with Damon in between sessions and access to Side Street’s monthly newsletter.

The descriptions listed above are general markers for what we cover, but each situation is unique and Damon will prioritize each case after a thorough assessment. Potential clients include - high school & college student/athletes, coaches & parents, technology industry workers - coding, sales, and marketing

Each package builds off of the last and continues to be reinforced as we learn new skills. In other words, our model is more cyclical than linear. If you want to learn more, please ask Damon during your consultation.

If you are under 18, our 20 minute free consultation must include parent or guardian.

*If you are a Bay Area resident, please consult about meeting Damon at his San Francisco location.